What is soft tissue?
Soft tissue refers to the tissue that connects, supports and surrounds other structures and organs of the body.  This includes muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, nerves, fibrous tissues and more. So don’t worry it’s something we all have and therefore we can all benefit from soft tissue therapy.

What is soft tissue therapy?
Soft tissue therapy involves the assessment, treatment and management of the soft tissue that may be injured, stressed or weak and is leading to pain or discomfort.  You may have even experienced a form of soft tissue therapy if you have experienced a sport’s or remedial massage. I feel soft tissue

therapy is a much more accurate description of what I do as there is a range of causes that lead to soft tissue issues which are much more wide ranging than sport or illness.  Many of the clients I work with come to see me simply due to the demands we put on our soft tissue through work, hobbies and life in general.

An initial assessment involves discussing your needs and identifying what is causing you to experience problems with your soft tissue.  I will look at how you move, stand and sit and how this is impacting upon your soft tissue. I will explain what my working hypothesis is and what hands on treatment I will be able to provide and why.

Through massage I will identify areas that will need attention this may be areas of tension, adhesions, scarring weakness, rigidity and imbalance.  I will use a range of techniques to address the issues presenting these can range from massage techniques that relax your soft tissue, stretch short tight muscles, identify and release trigger points.

Do I need soft tissue therapy? 
Yes, everyone has soft tissue so everyone can benefit from soft tissue therapy.  Clients seek soft tissue therapy for a number of reasons. Some seek treatment due to a very specific occurrence such as a sports injury or to aid recovering from a condition such as frozen shoulder or restoring movement following a joint replacement surgery.  Some of my clients seek treatment as it supports with the relief of long term conditions such as Parkinson’s, migraines and arthritis. Many clients have regular appointments to manage stress and muscle tension caused by everyday life including sitting at desks, carrying heavy loads, gardening and maybe not quite looking after ourselves as much as we should.

What difference will it make?  
My aim is that following each treatment you will feel on the journey to improvement.  Each treatment is different depending upon your needs. Some treatments will leave you feeling relaxed and tension free.  Some you will feel stretched out and invigorated. I will be honest with you there will be sometimes when it may be uncomfortable before it starts to feel better – the no pain no gain mentality may be needed.

How will I know if it is for me? 
Make an appointment so we can discuss your needs and find out what specific soft tissue therapy techniques can help you.